GIN GHIS KHAN - London Dry Gin - Cocktail
How it came about

The idea and origin

From the initial idea in early 2016 to the first sold bottle, more than 2.5 years have passed. During this period, the final recipe and design for GIN GHIS KHAN were developed. It took more than 30 different test distillations and recipe changes to create what we consider to be the perfect gin.

Originally intended as a very small and limited batch, the feedback from the initial test production was overwhelming and so we launched our first batch at the end of 2018.

From the beginning, it was clear that we were going for very fruity, refreshing and citrus-heavy flavors in addition to a strong juniper note. The goal was to create a gin with strong identity, delivering an exceptional taste whether enjoyed pure, in cocktails or mixed with different tonics.

Another family member

Börte Khatun

Encouraged by the tremendous success of our GIN GHIS KAHN The Emperor London Dry Gin, we aimed to develop an even fruitier and more flavor-intensive variation.

The result is an excellent infused gin. Enriched with additional botanicals and matured over several weeks, it is slightly milder than our original and has a beautiful reddish color.

In line with Genghis Khan, we chose the name Börte Khatun, his first wife and Grand Empress of the Mongol Empire.

The first batch of BÖRTE KHATUN Infused Gin was launched in late 2019 and since then has been produced irregularly in limited editions.

GIN GHIS KHAN - Börte Khatun - Infused Gin - Cocktail

The team behind GIN GHIS KHAN

Robert Melzer

CEO & Founder